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    Why we help

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    There are several reasons why we have chosen to focus on AIDS orphans.

    Social Impact These children are mostly HIV negative and will continue to be a part of society for many years to come. Helping these children now and making them a social investment rather than a social welfare problem can help to prevent the large-scale social tragedy of a generation of illiterate and destitute children.

    Rapid Increase of Cases There may be millions of children impacted by AIDS in China by 2010. As the number of AIDS orphans is growing quickly, there is a narrow window of opportunity in which they can be educated.

    Helps Parents By helping the children, we have the ability to provide care to AIDS patients directly. These parents can continue to spend their limited funds on their own health care and other immediate needs.

    Not Just a Rural Problem Some of these children are likely to move to urban areas where they could potentially add to social instability if left uneducated and destitute.

    Foster a Positive Outlook CHF wants children to know that there is love and hope in the world, so that they grow up with a sense of responsibility and a desire to give back to their communities and others.