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    The story of the Starfish

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    An old man was taking a walk with his granddaughter on the beach on a beautiful evening. The picture perfect scenery warmed by the setting sun was spoilt by the thousands of starfish that were washed up by the sea and dying on the beach. The old man picked one up and threw it back.

    His granddaughter was curious: "Why did you do that, grandpa? There are so many!"

    Her grandpa picked up another starfish and threw it into the water: "To us, this is merely one in many thousands, but to the starfish itself, this is its everything."

    The tragedy of the AIDS epidemic through blood selling in Central China has touched the hearts of many and motivated us to begin the Orphans Project. Sometimes, the suffering of the many thousands of orphans impacted by AIDS seemed overwhelming and their problems insurmountable, but we are always inspired by the story of the starfish and the courage of the children to go on. To each and every child we reach out to help, our efforts could be his everything.

    Join us to fight the war on AIDS and help the children.