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    Psycho-social Support Program

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    Our social programs are designed to help children with the obstacles that they may face as a result of being impacted by AIDS. They provide a means to monitor their progress, ensure they remain on track, and provide guidance and support in the form of human contact and care that all children need to thrive.

    Art Therapy

    Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic discipline that uses artistic expression, such as drawings, essays, or letters, as a means of facilitating the expression of thoughts and feelings that an individual may be unable or unwilling to verbalize.

    Why we do it
    To help children who have been through the traumatic experience of watching their loved ones die of AIDS, Chi Heng Foundation asks students to write essays and draw sketches about their hopes and aspirations. Our hope is to provide “Art Therapy” to these students by allowing them to express themselves through art and writing.

    Memory Book Project

    Based on a successful African model, Memory Books are printed ‘activity booklets’ in which children can explore, record, and come to terms with their personal histories, hopes and dreams including their relationships with and memories of their parents. 1,500 copies of the memory books were distributed to orphans and schools in Spring 2005.

    Why we do it
    To help children cope with loss, stigma and other hardships and to preserve memories that might otherwise be lost in the tumult of AIDS.

    Home Visit

    This may include playtime and a chat as well as the distribution of select material assistance.

    Why we do it
    To show love and care and provide company to kids whose parents may be too weak to do so, and to assess the situation and needs of the child at home.

    Orphanage Visit

    While CHF does not run orphanages for AIDS orphans, there are such facilities run by the government. CHF visits to orphanages may include playtime and a chat as well as the distribution of select material assistance.

    Why we do it
    We strive to provide company and care to these children who may have a limited number of adults at their facilities who have time to interact in a meaningful way.

    School-based Activity NEW PROGRAM***

    This could include building a reading room and buying books, providing music classes and instruments or other activities as needed.

    Why we do it
    To enhance the quality of education that children in poor communities in Central China receive.

    Summer Camp NEW PROGRAM***

    The summer camp focuses on psychological development for our students through group discussions.

    Why we do it
    To build self-esteem and foster healing.

    Study Tour

    The study tour takes students to visit cities in China and witness life beyond their villages.

    Why we do it
    To inspire students to dream beyond their existing realities and to motivate them in their studies to achieve those dreams.