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    Education Sponsorship Program

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    in particular the Basic Sponsorship program, take precedence over all others. It is our most capital-intensive project and only when educational needs are met do the funds overflow to other projects. CHF staff handles the distribution of funds. We are careful to ensure that there is no misappropriation of donations. Money goes directly to support children’s needs and never pass through the hands of officials or middlemen.

    Basic Sponsorship

    To sponsor educational fees for children impacted by AIDS.

    Children who qualify for the program are those who have at least one HIV positive parent, or parent(s) who has died of AIDS. With a simple test, eligibility can be verified. Our staff members also “spot check” to ensure that only those who are entitled receive sponsorship.

    There is no preset number or limit to the number of kids who can be funded, which means that all children that qualify can be sponsored from pre-school to college. By using this approach we hope to discourage “beggars’ mentality” or a competition of poverty among villagers. We aim to preserve the dignity of these children every step of the way.

    Funding Commitment and Cost
    Once a student receives funding, he / she is guaranteed sponsorship for all their years of education.

    Cost per year of funding a student:
    A primary student:
    HK$420 (CA$65) per year
    A junior high school student:
    HK$770 (CA$120) per year
    A Vocational school student:
    HK$5,500 (CA$850) per year
    A senior high school student:
    HK$6,200 (CA$960) per year
    A university student:
    *HK$9,700 (CA$1500) per year

    * Varies by university, the above fee quoted is an estimated average only.

    Merit-based Award

    To provide incentive to students to do their best in school.

    Those children who are succeeding academically receive merit-based awards spring semester.

    Children who qualify for the program are those who have at least one HIV positive parent, or a parent(s) who has died of AIDS.

    Funding Commitment and Cost
    Spring 2005, we gave out awards in the amount of $250 to children who excelled in their studies. The award amount may vary depending on availability of funding.

    Need-based Subsidy

    To sponsor the education of children impacted by AIDS who have no one caring for them. This program usually entails paying for room and board at boarding schools.

    Children who qualify are those who have lost both parents to AIDS or have no one caring for them.

    Funding Commitment and Cost
    Costs vary according to school.