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    Who we are

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    Chi Heng Foundation Canada (CHFC) is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing help to the HIV-impacted children, with support for basic needs, and the opportunity for education and skills-training. Our mission is to empower and care for the underprivileged children, especially those whose lives have been impacted by HIV / Aids, and to raise public awareness of the multiplier effect of poverty on HIV/AIDS. With a strategic planning committee and financial support from corporate sponsors and private donors, CHFC will play an active role in Canada in helping the world to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

    Children are the future, and education has no boarder. For an increasingly globalized world, development of underprivileged children - of all nations - holds the key to the progress of the human race itself. The Millennium Development Goals set the priorities for children with the scope of anti-HIV/AIDS, education and poverty elimination. As a globally responsible nation, Canada is renowned for its humanitarianism. CHFC upholds and cherishes the humanitarian values, and will be committed to working extensively, in our country - Canada, with the hope of making a difference in the world.

    “Chi Heng” means “Wisdom in Action”. We firmly believe that we must put our wisdom into action to make the world a better place for everyone, and that we should make use of our knowledge to build a better tomorrow for people in need. CHFC runs its local and international development projects for two purposes:

    1.   To help children whose parent or parents have died of HIV/AIDS because of poverty: we want to ensure that the basic needs of these children are met and that they have the opportunity for education.

    2.   To raise the awareness in poverty-stricken areas that education is crucial in poverty eradication, and to raise the awareness in our society that education is beneficial to the entire human beings

    It is our hope that we truly engage your interest, support and vision to help us provide more care to these suffering children and reduce the social stigma of this dreaded affliction.

    Thank you very much for your kind support.