Evelyn Cheng grew up and was educated in Hong Kong. She started work in the area of marketing with the China Division of Honeywell. After immigrating to Canada, she worked for a local communications and marketing company, in charge of corporate client accounts. In 2007, a chance encounter with Mr. Chung To, the founder of Chi Heng Foundation, ignited her passion for helping the AIDS-impacted orphans. Initially volunteering her spare time to bring Chi Heng’s message to Vancouver, she decided to quit her regular job in 2015 to devote full-time and energy to Chi Heng’s cause, to expand its fundraising reach. Her work is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers who conduct several fundraising activities each year. Nowadays, she shuttles among Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Hong Kong, and mainland China, raising funds for the education of AIDS-impacted orphans.

Toronto Working Committee

From the inception of Chi Heng Foundation Canada in 2005, in order to maintain a “Zero Administration Cost” policy; we have established an all-volunteer based committee working under supervision of the Board of Directors in Toronto, to put on fundraisers and public awareness events. Most of the committee members gave their full dedication to CHFC from the very beginning and continue to do so. These include the following amazing people:

Legal Counsel: Andrea Chun

Auditor: Terence Chan

Administrative Assistant: Winnie Chan

Publications Editor: Isa Lee

Volunteers Coordinator: Ken Lo

Logistics Coordinator: Ricky Cheng

I.T. Coordinator: Darius Poon

Secretary / Special Project Manager: Anita Tsang

Members-at-large: Ida Wong, Koko Lung, Stanley So, Vikki Chung

Vancouver Working Committee

Since the establishment of the Vancouver Chapter by Chi Heng Foundation Canada in 2007, a group of very dedicated volunteers led by Ms. Evelyn Cheng, our Resource Development Director, have worked tirelessly to put on various fundraisers and other events to increase awareness of the plight of our sponsored students. Some of these committee members have been with us from the very beginning, while many others have joined in over the years to greatly expand this all-volunteer force. In recent years, a youth team has also been established, led by university-age students and fresh grads.