Material Assistance

We provide material assistance to children in need, including blankets, winter clothes, food and nutritious products.

Reading Room

Studies have shown that reading can significantly enhance children’s learning. Since 2007, 26 reading rooms in different rural villages in China have been built or refurbished, with a cumulative beneficiary of over 6,000 students. The purpose of these reading rooms is to spark the passion of reading as a supplement of the formal school education, enrich children’s knowledge, and promote the pursuance of their dreams. They also serve as platforms for a wide variety of engaging activities to spark children’s creativity. With the launch of the distance learning program Volun-online (see below), some reading rooms have been upgraded into distance learning classrooms.


This is an e-Learning program, to enable volunteer tutors from all across the country to remotely tutor children in villages in real time via internet links. The objective is to broaden the children’s horizon and enhance their interest in acquiring knowledge. Beneficiaries include Chi Heng-sponsored orphans and left behind children. This program is now available in Henan, Anhui, Shanxi, Yunnan, and Guangxi and will continue to be expanded.

Program for Children with HIV

Some children with HIV are still too young to attend school. However, their immediate needs may include health promotion, material assistance, and various social programs. We assess these needs on a case-by-case basis and provide accordingly.

Community Self Help Support

Summer internships and long-term job opportunities are offered to AIDS-impacted university students in our programs with the hope of empowering them to become role models, like big brothers and big sisters, for younger AIDS-impacted children and, at the same time, encouraging these older students to give back to their communities. Many of the AIDS-impacted university graduates who were previously supported by us have come back to help younger children as staff or volunteers. Roughly 300 university students regularly volunteer their time to participate in Chi Heng services on an ongoing basis during the school year. They have formed a community self-help network and play an important role in the design and implementation of the AIDS Orphans Program.

Health Promotion

Our health promotion programs include direct observation therapy, psychosocial care and support, immunization of hepatitis and meningitis.