Originally from Henan, Xiao Pang came under Chi Heng’s sponsorship from a young age, and, through his own hard work, graduated high school with a high score of 638, enabling him to be admitted to the prestigious Beijing Institute of Technology. While there, he always found time during summers to work as a volunteer at Chi Heng, helping and tutoring younger students, which shows the sense of social responsibility that has developed in him. Xiao Pang has now completed his undergrad studies and is working for Baidu in Beijing.

[Video of 智行小海星在多倫多 – 程遠奇]
[Video of 智行小海星在多倫多 – Candy]

During home visits, we often see numerous award certificates pasted on the walls of the dilapidated houses that young sponsored students live in. It goes to show how much they value the opportunity of getting an education and how devoted they are to their school work.