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    Our Founder

    Chung To is the Founder and Chairman of Chi Heng Foundation (CHF), a charity registered and based in Hong Kong. During the past four years, CHF has been actively working on AIDS prevention and care in China. Under the AIDS Orphan Project, CHF is helping over 10,000 students whose parents have died of or are dying of AIDS in Central China by paying for their education and providing many care services.

    In 2003, he received the "Ten Outstanding Young Persons" award from the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong.

    AIDS in China & Blood Selling

    Current Situation

    Government Help The Government has become increasingly aware of the AIDS orphans issue, and is trying to establish assistance programs for them. However, given the large number of these orphans and their rapidly declining conditions, the efforts may not reach as many children as quickly as it should.

    Why we help

    Social Impact These children are mostly HIV negative and will continue to be a part of society for many years to come. Helping these children now and making them a social investment rather than a social welfare problem can help to prevent the large-scale social tragedy of a generation of illiterate and destitute children.

    The story of the Starfish

    An old man was taking a walk with his granddaughter on the beach on a beautiful evening. The picture perfect scenery warmed by the setting sun was spoilt by the thousands of starfish that were washed up by the sea and dying on the beach. The old man picked one up and threw it back.

    How Chi Heng Foundation Helps

    Program for Children with HIV

    Children with HIV are, in most cases, still too young to attend school. However, their immediate needs may include health promotion...

    Education Sponsorship Program

    CHF has three Educational Orphans Programs: Basic Sponsorships, Scholarships, and Need-based Subsidies. Educational Programs are CHF’s number one priority. These programs...

    Psycho-social Support Program

    Our social programs are designed to help children with the obstacles that they may face as a result of being impacted by AIDS. They provide a means to monitor their progress, ensure they remain on track, and provide guidance and support in the form of human contact...