Cai Xia (彩霞)

Fifteen Years Old (十五歲)
Secondary School Year Two (初中二年級)
Mother Diagnosed with AIDS (母親有愛滋病)
One brother has dropped out of school (一哥哥退學因無錢)

I am in my second year at the junior secondary school. I want to become a famous white-gowned doctor because I want to do research on AIDS and its cure. I want to overcome this disease and grant therapy to all the AIDS victims in the world. I want to free the world from this terrible disease and save the whole world away from it.

Now I am studying. Whenever I pick up my schoolbag, I feel it weighs thousands of tons. Though our poor family cannot afford our studies, we are now studying in school like my other classmates only because there is a good guy in the world whose helping hands have lifted us into the classroom. I feel very grateful whenever I think of that good guy. I think he is doing us such kind deeds because he wants us to expand our knowledge and horizons. So I have decided to study well and return the generous support and concerns of these good guys. I will not disappoint their expectation on us.

This is my wish as a secondary school student.