Dec. 28, 2009

Dear Chi Heng Foundation,

I am a student at the Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine University. In the past year, because of your sponsorship, my school life has greatly improved, and the financial burden for my family is much reduced. I am truly grateful for everything you have done for me.

Time flies, and one year has gone by. In the past year, there were things I am not that happy about in my overall performance. In my studies, because the course burden was heavy and the timeline was tight, resulting in a less-than-ideal studying schedule, it was difficult for me despite my having tried very hard. Because of that, I did not get very good final exam scores in some subjects. Therefore, I have made some changes in the current term in the hope of improving my schoolwork. My aim is to get much better results in this year’s final exams. Outside of class, I work out to improve my physical fitness and participate in many activities of my year, such as the Tai Chi contest in the university’s traditional sports meet. Everybody says that a healthy body is the basic ingredients of a revolution. Only with good health can I make greater contributions to society in the future.

My daily life has greatly improved because of your financial assistance, and my mood has improved with it. Now that I no longer have to worry about my living expenses, I have turned into a livelier person. People say that only through adversity will one realize what to cherish, and that one should be grateful for being granted assistance. I am fully cognizant of this, having personally experienced these things myself. Therefore, I would like to once again express my deep gratitude to what Chi Heng Foundation has done for me and for every family like mine.

Thank you!

Xiao Miao