Li Ping

Fifteen Years Old
Secondary School Year Two
Father Diagnosed with AIDS
Mother Diagnosed with AIDS
One sister has dropped out of school and one sister is in primary school

My wish is to become a doctor in the future, to alleviate patients’ suffering, so that more patients with AIDS and nasal catarrh can recover soon. Whenever I see patients with AIDS, nasal catarrh and Hepatitis B in pain, the idea of becoming a doctor emerges. I occasionally read books on medicine as well.

One day, my father was suffering from the sickness, and his face looked terrifyingly red. Standing beside him, watching his pain, I thought: “When I become a doctor, I will find out the way to treat these diseases, to free all sick people.” I was crying while saying to him: “Cheer up, Daddy!” He said, with a wry smile: “Don’t worry, daughter. It’s just flu. Remember to study hard.” I replied with tears: “I’ll study hard.” From then on, I would always watch silently while my father was attacked by the sickness. He would sometimes take some Panadol to make his face look less red. Whenever that happened, I would hope to fulfill my wish immediately. But I also know that it’s not the time yet to fulfill my dream, because my task now is to study.

I’ve promised my father to work hard, but I’ve failed to do that. I’ve tried my best, but I don’t know why my studies don’t seem to go well. Perhaps I’ll not be able to fulfill my dream, but I’ll try my best.