Ya Juan (亞娟)

Sixteen Years Old (十六歲)
Secondary School Year Three (初中三年級)
Mother Has Died of AIDS (母親因愛滋病死亡)
Two sisters have dropped out of school due to insufficient funds (兩姐姐因無錢退學)

Everyone has his own wish. One’s wishes and dreams motivate one to move forward. As time passes, when one grows up, wishes change too.

When I was young, I went to school to learn. When I noticed my teacher’s exhausted look after class, I would say to myself, “I have to study hard and become a teacher, so that his workload can be eased.”

The dream of becoming a teacher has followed me in the 5 years since I was in primary school. When I became a secondary school student, I had to face the loss of my mother. I was so sad when my mother died. When I recall the way my mother sounded and looked and how I saw patients in the hospital groaning, my heart pounds painfully. It was at that time that the thought of becoming a nurse emerged. I decided to study biology, so that I could become a doctor in the future, saving millions of people suffering like my mother, alleviating the pain of those sick people lying in bed groaning, and …

Now I’ve grown up. I know whatever dreams and wishes I have, I have to study hard to achieve. My hope now is to study hard to go to university, to contribute all I know to the motherland and its people. All this can be achieved through hard work. I believe in myself: “I’ll make it!”

Friends, your hope is the driving force behind you. Have your own hopes! They can push you forward, make you strong, give you confidence. Isn’t it always said, “It’s a fair world. Whatever we do will be rewarded. We should put our words into action, and try our very best?” I pledge to put words into action and do my best. I believe: “One’s success is determined 30% by fate, and 70% by effort. You can only succeed if you try hard!”